5. Oktober 2005


Poetry Slam, endlich wieder. Und es war auch wieder ziemlich gut, obwohl Dank des Rauchverbots nicht ganz so viele Leute da waren.

Meine Lieblingszitate:

My organs demand that we split each paycheck equally.

The time between spells of consciousness gets larger and larger.

Time is evil - you can quote me!

A very short trip on a very short bus.

Heaven is a door locked from the inside of your mind.

Thw world is a bun fresh from the oven and your name is 'butter'...

The last word i said before passing out on my honeymoon was: "Wow, that seems to be a big storm!"

The sun had one word of advice for the moon: "Shine!"

Oh... ungh... oooooh... oh God... ooOOOooh! There, that got your attention!

I wish the girls i used to date were still pretty.

My cats never ask where i've been - they just are happy that i am back.

Giving up my liberties to protect my freedom? Sounds like cutting off my dick so my balls will appear bigger.

But instead of saying something intelligent i said "AHOOOGA! AHOOOOOGA" and my eyes extended from their sockets and groped her breasts. She didn't like it at all.


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