27. September 2005

Rita in Austin

Heute habe ich mal bei meinen Kollegen nachgefragt, wie es denn in Austin war, mit dem Hurrikan und so... Fionas Antwort war die beste:

On Thursday we did panic buying water, batteries and bananas.
Our refugee family (5+2cats) arrived after a gruelling 12 hour or so journey from Houston. (Imagine the cats....)

On Friday...
School was cancelled as refugees flooded in.
We waited.
We drank Pimms and Pernod.
At 11 pm the sprinklers came on.
The forecast said "20% chance of a light shower."

On Saturday there was a severe weather alert. It said "record highs"
We hired a boat and went to the lake.
It made 113 deg F.

On Saturday evening a leaf fell from the tree and landed in the swimming pool.
Luckily the system coped.
We drank Marga-RITAs.

On Sunday our refugees returned home to Houston.
They searched their home but found no looters at all.
The kids are convinced that all the adults are mad.

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