4. Januar 2006


Heute fällt der Poetry Slam flach: der Rose Bowl steht ins Haus und die Longhorns spielen gegen die University of Southern California. Das werden wir uns dann heute abend stilecht bei meinem Kollegen Klaus ansehen: mit Riesenbildschirm und Lay-Z-Boy-Fernsehsessel sowie einem Vorrat an Chips, Hot Dogs und Cola.
Da mußte ich natürlich sofort auch antiamerikanische Buße tun. Ich habe einen sehr interessanten Artikel im Seattle Post Intelligencer gefunden. Besonders nett waren aber eigentlich die Kommentare. Mein Liebling:
Americans are obsessed with forcing everyone, from their own neighbors to people in distant nations, to live exactly as they do. No deviance, no diversity is tolerated, even from people we neither know nor care about. "I don't believe in abortion, so I'm going to make certain teenage girls thousands of miles away from me can't have abortion access. Gay strangers thousands of miles away from me can't get married, even though it's none of my business, because I don't like it. I don't watch films with nudity or violence, but I'll make sure no one else can either, because I personally don't like it. The Middle East must be forced into our form of government, because I'm afraid of them for being different. Regardless of the consequences to the people who have to live with my dictates, I'll make them do what I want, because I'm too simple-minded and fearful to understand or appreciate that there's nothing wrong when people want to live differently from me." That's the American mindset. We are mired in 19th-century puritanical intolerance and ignorance while our cousins in Europe, Asia, and even South America mature and find better and more rewarding ways to occupy their time than obsessively minding their neighbor's business.

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