7. Februar 2006

Dan Savage

Ich möchte Euch ein prima Interview ans Herz legen, das mein Lieblingskolumnist Dan Savage gegeben hat. Hier ein kleiner Auszug:

AVC: You use your column to advocate freedom, but that often seems to scare people. Historically, it seems like there's a real terror that other people might somehow get the freedom to do the things we ourselves don't want to do.
Why do you think that is?

DS: Because Canada got the French and Australia got the convicts and we got the fuckin' batshit crazy Christians. And that matters. We're all lied to in high school—"The Pilgrims came here seeking religious freedom." No they didn't. They were the Puritans kicked out of England. They went to Holland, Holland was like "Fuck you people," and they kicked them out too, so they came here. They came here seeking the ability to persecute everybody else—and each other—for their religious beliefs. And we are living with the descendants of those nutjobs, and we have to fight them.

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Anonymous kd sagte...


ich finde ja schon die einleitende Diskussion zum Thema Valentinstag klasse...

"There's this movement to form a day called Steak And A Blowjob Day, which would be the male version of Valentine's Day, where women would come through with a steak and a blowjob in return for the chocolate and flowers that guys come through with, and I support that holiday."

Liegt es an den Hormonen, wenn ich leise singe: "Ich will keine Schokolade - ich will lieber einen Mann!!" ??

KD, zum kommentieren genötigt... :)



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