2. August 2009

Chinese Marketeers

Seit einiger Zeit habe ich chinesischen Spam in meiner Kommtarliste. Jetzt wollte ich doch mal wissen, was die so schreiben. Und hier ist Dank google translate die Übersetzung:
Ten to provide the best information and sharing of life:
Do you know where this delicious cake!
Do you know about the prevention and control of termites mamma!
Automotive insulation paper is more expensive the better the mamma!
Pallet which is environmentally friendly!
Taichung, a plastic which most physicians prefer sewing you satisfied!
Keyword search marketing essentials
If you want to travel to Kaohsiung, let me tell you, Kaohsiung County tourist attractions
Accounting firms in the end is what matters!
Long-term nursing care for the elderly on how to choose
Where can I choose to dress wholesale prices!

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